Photogogniometer photoglobe 4FA

Photogogniometer photoglobe 4FA
(Measurement of all types of sources including sources LED)




Photoglobe 4FA is equipped of a circular aluminium structure supporting nineteen light probes One electrical engine (step by step) moving the above structure One very robust tripod used for carrying the lamps. It can support a load of 200 Kg



The circular structure supporting light-probes, solidly turns around the optical axes of the lamp in order to detect photometric curves. It has been possible to obtain a very high arm's rotation resolution (0.1º) controlling the step by step moto r with a sophisticated electronic driver card. The dynamic of rotation is managed by software and, on this rotating quarter-circle structure, 19 probes are placed to measure photometric values simultaneously and transfer them to the computer. Photoglobe 4FA is the only photogoniometer all over the world provided with even 19 light probes.


Photometric light probes


The very high accuracy photometric probes have a working range of 0-80.000 Lux and a resolution of 0.01 Lux. All the probes are equipped with a patented optical system having the function to extend the effective lamp-light probe optical path in order to see the lamp as a light point. V(λ) displacement ≤±1%


Control and management software


Phtoglobe handling and light measurement is fully driven and controlled by a very powerful and for user friendly management software. Being equipped of nineteen light-probes, it's the only one photogoniometer in the world able to plot photometric curves while working. The final measurement results are stored in compatible formats with main lighting software

It's the result of many research years in photometric field. Photoglobe is the winner of a very important Italian premium about technological innovation and it's equipped with last generation patent pending technologies. Photoglobe 4FA is a revolutionary compact photogoniometer and it's the only one provided with 19 acquisition probes.The probes are positioned on a quarter-circle structure and they are able to cover all the measuring angles just rotating around a single axis only. In this way the measured lamp remains fixed without the use of heavy dynamic plane mirrors.


Fast measurement


Thanks to its 19 probes, via a parallel electronic system acquisition, Photoglobe 4FA can measure simultaneously, for each plane C, the values of the gamma plans.


Instrument conpactness


The total size of Photoglobe 4FA, thanks to the high number of sensors operating in parallel, can not exceed 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 meters. A room volume 19 times smaller than the required volume for traditional photogoniometer


Measurement accuracy


Photoglobe 4FA is extremely accurate as the measure doesn't involve the handling of the lamp nor manual intervention on the instrument is required, since the positioning of the arm takes place with a remote connection to PC. This tool joins the category of photogoniometers type 4 according to regulation UNI EN 13032-1.


Simple use


Phtoglobe 4FA use is fully robotized. With only one freedom degree at disposal for the movement (rotation), it results very simple setting the type of measurement and making automatic all the measurement processes. hotoglobe 4FA is extremely accurate as the all the measurement processes.


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